Adjustment of your variable energy rates

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28 september 2021 3 min. leestijd

Dear customer,

We would like to inform you about the adjustment of your variable energy rates as of 1 January 2022.
Government levies and grid management costs will also be adjusted as of 1 January 2022.

We also inform you about your new installment amount for January 2022, which we will calculate for you based on the new rates.

Your new rates (incl. VAT) are shown in the mail you have just received.

Government compensation
The government has decided that there will be a reduction in the above-mentioned government levies for electricity as well as an increase in the tax discount for households. For households with an average energy consumption, this should yield a significant compensation an annual basis. However this can differ per household and of course it depends on the amount of energy you consume.

The rise in the electricity rate is almost entirely offset by the fall in government levies. For gas, government levies will rise again slightly. In concrete terms, this means that everyone can positively influence the total energy costs by using as little natural gas as possible.

Energy market prices remain high
We previously reported on the sharp rise in energy costs throughout Europe due to the low gas stocks. After a very tense market situation in September, things have calmed down a bit, but the market is still at a very high price level. Until the end of the winter period, a price decrease does not seem likely. A cold winter will probably only push prices up further. And as long as Russia does not seem willing to send more gas to Europe, current market prices will remain high. As a result, and because of a further rising price for CO2 emission rights, the electricity rates also rise further. Unfortunately, as the most sustainable supplier, we also have to deal with these market forces. If you want more information about this, you can find it here.

Why is the high gas price driving up the rate of green electricity?
Because in the Netherlands a relatively large amount of electricity is still generated by gas-fired power stations. Due to the high gas price, the cost price of generating electricity is high and because the price of green electricity is still linked to this, we also suffer from this as a sustainable energy supplier.

When will the rates fall again?
The rates are expected to fall again after the winter, i.e. approximately from April. How much that decrease will be depends on the type of winter we get and possible other developments on the energy market, such as the import of Russian gas through Europe, but also due to a further increase in sustainable energy generation.

What is the advice, keep variable or switch to fixed rates?
We can’t look into the future, but the general mood in the market is that it is not wise to conclude fixed rates for a fixed term at the current high price level. A more favorable price level is expected from April.

Just like an interim increase in prices, an interim cut due to a sharply declining energy market is also possible and when space is created for this, we will certainly do so.

If you have any questions regarding the above information, please let us know by replying to the email you have just received.

We will of course continue to do our utmost best to keep the energy rates as competitive as possible.