Step-by-step guide

Because our online tool for signing up is currently only available in Dutch, we have created this step-by-step guide to assist you during your sign-up. The forms are filled out with an example to make understanding easier.

Windmolens in de zee

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Step 1Calculating your montly payment

In The Netherlands energy is paid monthly. The first step is to determine how much energy we think you will consume within the coming year. This will be devided by twelve to estimate your montly costs. Click on the images for more information.

After these steps you will be presented with the option to either enter your yearly usage (if you have exact knowledge of how much energy is spend in your house each year) or to have us calculate this based on the information you will give us. If you want to enter your yearly usage, go to step 1.2. If you want us to calculate your usage, go to step 1.3.

Step 1.2: Enter your yearly usage

In this step you can enter all the data about your yearly energy usage. Electricity is measured in kWh and gas is measured in m3.

Regarding electricity: Some people have two meter readings for electricity, meter 1 and meter 2. Meter 1 measures the amount of energy you consume during nighttime hours and meter 2 measures the amount you consume during daytime hours. The cost of electricity at night is a tiny fraction lower, so if you consume energy mostly at night this will save you some money. If you have two meter readings but you don’t need this distinction, fill in that you don’t have a double meter. In this case you will need to add up the yearly usage of both meters.

Attention! Do not enter the numbers you see on your meters! These represent the total amount of usage since the meters where placed in your home. Only enter the usage if you have knowledge of what is yearly used in your home. If you do not know these numbers, go to step 1.3.

1.3 Calculate your yearly usage

If you have just moved to a new home or if you haven’t got any information about past usage, you are problably not familiar with your yearly usage. Our tool will help determine the amount we will expect you to use within the next year.

Step 2: Determining your type of contract

Based on the information provided in the previous steps we have determined the price you will pay. The tool will show you the prices per month and per year for the differenty types of contracts.

At om | nieuwe energie you have the option to choose between 4 different contracts: 1 year fixed, 2 years fixed, 3 years fixed and variable.

With a fixed contract the energy price per kWh stays the same for as long as the contract is running (with a maximum of 3 years). During this period you are unable to freely switch to another supplier, unless you pay a fine.

Variable prices are set on the 1st of January and on the 1st of July and are adjusted to average energy prices of that moment. When you apply for a variable contract, the price automatically changes every half year. In contrast to a fixed contract you are not bound to a set period and you are free to change supplier or switch from variable to a fixed price whenever you want.

After selecting the right contract for you, click on ‘Kiezen.’

Step 3: Entering your personal information

In this step you will enter al your personal information that is needed for us to finish your application for energy.

At the top of the form you will enter the start date of your contract. This will automatically be 14 days from the qurrent day in order to give you a two-week notice in which cancellation is still possible. If for any reason energy supply is needed sooner, contact us.

Because this form contains a lot of information, we have translated it to English.

We hope that this page has helped you to easily register for 100% renewable energy. If you have any suggestions or feedback regarding this guide, we would appreciate it greatly if you would share this with us, so that we can improve the information for our English speaking customers. You can give feedback by mailing this to