Variable rate changes

Every 6 months the variable rates change. You have an agreement with us with variable rates, which means that these will be adjusted as of 1 July based on new market developments.

onbalans variable rate changes

If you would rather have a fixed energy price, send us a message. You can find all our current prices here.

Current prices

The variable energy prices will change again as of January 1st, 2022.

More about the increased prices

There are two main reasons for the higher energy rates:

We’ve had a relatively cold winter and spring. Because of that, the current gas stocks are at its lowest level in years. Restocking gas before winter usually starts earlier, but because of the low temperatures past months, supply and demand are driving up the gas price.

In Europe, the rights to CO2-emission are traded to a certain price that fluctuates. This price has gone up the past months. This is because the EU brings in fewer rights every year, in order to limit emissions of CO2. As a non-profit supplier of locally produced, green energy, we can only applaud at this goal but the side effect is that it is driving up electricity prices. The main part of the production of electricity in The Netherlands and in Europe is by gas- and coal-fired power stations and these require those CO2-emission rights. Since the economy is recovering from Covid-19, there is more demand for the CO2-emission rights while there are less remaining rights to offer. Therefore, prices are going up across the entire electricity market.

What do these new rates mean?

Exactly one year ago, energy rates on the wholesale market had fallen to a very low level due to the corona lockdown. The prices on the market have now increased sharply in the last months and are already back to pre-corona levels.

However, the positive side of this is that it will further boost the sustainability of our energy supply.

Your monthly term payment

The price raise means an extra 20 euro’s per month for an average househould that consumes 2.500 kWh and 1.600 m3 per year.

Your monthly term payment will not automatically be adapted to the new prices. If you want us to change your term payment, send us a message.